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First Testament  echoes and resonances  in the images of art
Despite the novelty of the message of Jesus, early Christians and those who followed through the ages have continued to follow the stories of the first Testament  and will anchor their faith in Judaism, while re-interpreting.

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GENESIS, Read the book of
GENESIS Albums to see
Genesis 1:1-50 Portraits events and  generalities

Abraham (2 C, 33 F) Isaac (3 C, 10 F)
Jacob (4 C, 17 F)  Lot (bible) (1 P, 32 F) Book of Genesis (17) Sodom (2 P, 31 F)   Tree of life (Bible) (2 F) Torah (1 C, 37 F)   Rainer:Genesis
Genesis 01:01-05  Creation , day one, the light sparkles from chaos Creation according to Genesis (4 C, 22 F) ; Biblical art
Genesis 01:06-8 Creation, day two, The waters are divided Nasa  keysearch "water";  ; Biblical art
Genesis 01:09-13 Creation , day three, Sea and earth, plants and fruits Album botanique;   Biblical art
Genesis 01:14-19 Creation , day four , Sun, moon and stars , night and day Documentation lexilogos on "The sky"
Biblical art
Genesis 01:20-23 Creation , day five, Fishes , birds and life Nasa  keysearch "Fisches" , "Birds" ;  Biblical art
Genesis 01:24-31 Creation , day six, Animals, man and woman as image of God Adam and Eve (12 C, 116 F)Statues of Adam (3 C, 5 F) Statues of Adam and Eve (16 F)   Biblical animals (3 C, 5 F) Engravings of Adam and Eve (5 F)   Biblical art
Genesis 02:01-4 Creation , day seven, Sabbath, the rest of God Biblical art
Genesis 02:04-25 Creation, second tale, The garden of Eden Adam and Eve (12 C, 116 F)  Creation of Adam  (13 F)
Genesis 03:01-24 Creation second tale, The desobedience and expulsion Biblical art (1); Biblical art  (2)
Eve the mother ; Clothing the fallen; The expulsion.
Genesis 04 Cain and Abel Cain and Abel (2 C, 2 P, 26 F); Bible and art
Genesis 06-10 Noah, the flood and the universal covenant , the rainbow Noah (5 C, 26 F) Noah's Ark (2 C, 53 F)
Bible and art ; (2); (3); Noah & sons
Genesis 11:1-9 Babylon, the tower of Biblical art
Genèse 12:1-8 Abraham's departure Biblical art
Genèse 13:1-18 Abraham and  Lot separate Biblical art ; (2)
Genesis 14:17-24 Melchizedek blessing on Abraham Biblical art
Genesis 15-18 Son ,A, is promised. Covenant with Abraham Sarah (4 F)  Biblical art (1) (2) (3) (4)
Genesis 21:1-21 Ishmael and Hagar will be a great nation blessed by God Hagar (23 F) ; Biblical art 
Genesis 22 Isaac offered to God by Abraham
The Sacrifice of Isaac by Caravaggio (4 F) Sacrifice of Isaac (1 C, 40 F) ;  Biblical art
Genèse 23 The death of Sarah Biblical art
Genesis 24 Rebecca, a wife for Isaac Rebecca (9 F) ;Biblical art(1)   (2)
Genesis 25:19-27:45 Jacob receives Isaac's blessing instead of Esau Biblical art(1);  (2) ; (3) ;(4)
Genesis 28 Jacob's dream of a ladder, on his way to to Laban Jacob's ladder (11 F); Biblical art
Genesis 29 Jacob serves Laban for Leah and Rachel Biblical art(1); (2)
Genèse 31 Jacob flies from Laban Biblical art
Genesis 32-33 Jacob fights with an "angel" than meets Esau Biblical art (1) (2) (3)
Genesis 37 Joseph is sold by his brothers and taken to Egypt as a slave Joseph (3 C, 20 F)  Biblical art (1); (2) ; (3) ; (4)
Genèse 38 Judah andTamar Biblical art
Genesis 39-41 Joseph escapes from Putiphar, dream interpreter,then  governor Joseph and Potiphar
Biblical art (1);  (2) (3); (4) ; (5)
Genesis 42-50 Joseph greets his family in Egypt ,death of Jacob,12 tribes Biblical art(1);   (2);  (3); (4); (5); (6) ; (7)
(8) ; (9) ; (10)
EXODUS, Read the book of
EXODUS Albums to see
Exodus 01-40 Exodus, events and portraits Aaron (17 F)   Moses (13 C, 15 F) Uriah (3 F)  Exodus (6)  Rainer;Exodus
Exodus 01 Slaves in Egypt
Exodus 02:1-10 Birth, The, of Moses
Exodus 02:11-3:22 Bush burning , The and God's call to Moses
Exodus 05-11 Plagues, The 10, .Moses challenges Pharao
Exodus 12-13 Passover yesterday, today, tomorrow
Exodus 14 Red sea crossing and Myriam' song Miriam (3 F)  Crossing of Red Sea (7 F)
Exodus 16 Manna, The, and the quails
Exodus 17:1-14 Horeb and the water from the rock., Victory over the Amalekites Moses strikes water (12 F)
Exodus 19-24;Deuteronomy 5-26 Commandments, The 10, and covenant, rules and warnings Ten Commandments (2 P, 58 F)
Exodus 32;Deuteronomy 9:6-29 Golden calf ,The, The people desobedience Golden calf (10 F)
LEVITICUS , read the book of
LEVITICUS Albums to see
Leviticus 1-27 Leviticus, portraits, images of laws and regulations
Leviticus 19:18;Matthew 19:19 Rule, The "golden "
NUMBERS , Read the book of
NUMBERS Albums to see
Numbers 1-36 Numbers, the book of, Events and portraits, The brazen serpent , son of Kora, Balaam ... Bileam (8 F)
DEUTERONOMY, read the book 
DEUTERONOMY Album to see
Deuteronomy 1-34 Deuteronomy, the book of, events, portraits , Israelites confession of faith Deuteronomy (0)
JOSUAH, Read the book of
JOSUAH Albums to see
Josuah 1-24 Josuah, Canaan under Joshua (6 F)  Book of Joshua (1) The Battle of Jericho (4 F)  Rainer;Josua
JUDGES, Read the book of
JUDGES Albums to see
Judges 1-21 Judges, exploits of national heroes Gideon (2 F)  Jephthah (6 F)   Judges of ancient Israel (1 F)  Samson (4 C, 2 P, 21 F) Samson (4 C, 2 P, 22 F) Rainer:Richter
RUTH, Read the book of
RUTH Albums to see
Ruth 1-4 Ruth , the story of Ruth Ruth (2 F)  Book of Ruth (0)  Rainer:Rut
SAMUEL,Read the books of
SAMUEL Albums to see
1 Samuel 1-31 Book of  1 Samuel, portraits, events David (12 C, 1 P, 15 F)  Hannah, mother of Samuel (3 F)  Jesse (1 C, 3 F) Samuel (2 C, 5 F)
Saul (1 C, 5 F)  Witch of Endor (4 F)  Books of Samuel (0) David and Jonathan  1  Sam 13 ss(3 F)  Rainer ; 1-2 Samuel
1 Samuel 1 :1-7 :17 Samuel's youth then judge of Israel
1 Samuel 8:1-15:35 Saul becomes king and reigns
1 Samuel 16 :1-13 David is anointed king Anointing of David (3 F)
1 Samuel 16-31 David and Saul ambiguous relationships
1 Samuel 17 David and Goliath David and Goliath by Caravaggio (1 F)
1 Samuel 8:1-15:35 Saul becomes king and reigns Witch of Endor (4 F)
1 Samuel 25 David send a proposal of mariage to Abigail
2 Samuel 1-24 2 Samuel portraits and events Absalom (1 C, 5 F)   Juda and Thamar (3 F)
2 Samuel 11-12 David and Bathsheba Bathsheba (1 C, 1 P, 17 F)
2 Samuel 6 Covenant box is brought to Jerusalem
KINGS ,Read the books of
KINGS albums to see
1 Kings 1-22 Portraits and events in 1 Kings Solomon (3 C, 26 F) Nathan (4 F) Books of Kings (0) Rainer :1-2 Könige
1 King 3 :16-28 Solomon judges a difficult case Salomon's judgment 
1 Kings 1-2 Solomon is made king
1 Kings 17 :1-7 Elijah, the drought and the ravens Figure of Elijah (3 C, 24 F)
1 Kings 17 :8-24 Elijah and the widow of Sareptah
1 Kings 18:1-40 Elijah and the prophets of Baal
1 Kings 19 Elijah and the angel- Elisha Eliseus (8 F)
1 Kings 5-8 Solomon s temple is built
1 Kings 9-11 Solomon and the queen of Sheba Queen of Sheba (38 F)
2 Kings 2 Elijah is taken up in a chariot of fire
EZRA, Read the book of
Ezra 1-10 Events and portraits Ezra (5 F)
NEHEMIAH, Read the book of
NEHEMIAH, albums to see
ESTHER, Read the book of
ESTHER Albums to see
Esther 1-10 Esther, The book of, events and portraits Esther (2 C, 17 F)   Esther and Mardochai (1 F) Book of Esther (2)
JOB,Read the book of
JOB Albums to see
Job 1-42 Job is a rich and happy man Job (15 F)  Book of Job (0) Rainer : Ljob
Job 1-42 Job's loneliness, doubts, wisdom and hope
Job 1-42 Job"s relationships trial with his wife and three friends
Job 1-42 Job's ruin.. God allows Satan and illness
PSALMS, Read the books of
PSALMS Albums to see
Psalms 1-150 Psalms , Portraits and events in the book of Psalms (2)
PROVERBS Read the book of
PROVERBS Albums to see
Proverbs 1-31 Proverbs, the wisdom of Solomon Book of Proverbs (0)
ECCLESIASTES Albums to see
Ecclesiastes 1-12 Ecclesiastes, the book of , portraits and wisdom Book of Ecclesiastes (0)
SONGS OF SOLOMON Albums to see
Song:1-8 Love, hymns of .Six songs attributed to Solomon
ISAIAH, Read the book of
ISAIAH Albums to see
Isaiah 1-66 Isaiah, The prophet, events and portraits Isaiah (2 C, 29 F)  Book of Isaiah (0)   Rainer; Jesaja
JEREMIAH, Read the book of
JEREMIAH Albums to see
Jeremiah 1-52 Jeremiah, The prophet , events and portraits Jeremiah (19 F) Rainer: Jeremia 
LAMENTATIONS, read the book
LAMENTATIONS, albums to see
Lamentations 1-5 Lamentations of Jeremiah, portraits and events Book of Lamentations (0)
EZECHIEL, Read the book of
EZECHIEL Albums to see
Ezekiel 1-48 Ezechiel the prophet, events and visions Ezekiel (23 F)  Rainer: Ezechiel
DANIEL,Read the book of
DANIEL Albums to see
Daniel 1-12 Daniel, the book of, portraits and events Daniel (2 C, 17 F) Book of Daniel (2)  Rainer :Daniel
HOSEA,Read the book of
HOSEA Albums to see
Hosea 1-14 Hosea , the book of, portraits and events Hosea (6 F)
JOEL, Read the book of
JOEL Albums to see
Joel 1-3 Joel, the book of, events and portraits  Joel (4 F)
AMOS, Read the book of
AMOS Albums to see
Amos 1-9 Amos, the book of, portraits and events Amos (4 F)
OBADIAH, Read the book of
OBADIAH, Albums to see
Obadiah 1 Obadiah , the book of, portraits and events Obadiah (3 F)
JONAH, Read the book of
JONAH  4 Albums to see
Jonah 1-4 Jonah The book of, events and portraits (4 Albums)  ] Jonah (28 F)  Rainer: Jona
MICAH Read the book of
MICAH Albums to see
 Micah 1-7 Micah The book of, events and portraits  Micah (1 P, 7 F) Book of Micah (0)
NAHUM, Read the book of
NAHUM,  Album to see
Nahum 1-3 Nahum, The book of, events and portraits 
HABAKKUK Read the book of HABAKKUK Albums to see
Habakkuk 1-3 Habakkuk, The book of , events and portraits Habakkuk (6 F)
ZEPHANIA Read the book of
ZEPHANIAH Albums to see
Zephaniah 1-3 Zephaniah, The book of , events and portraits Zephaniah (1 F)
HAGGAI Read the book of
HAGGAI Albums to see
Haggai 1-2 Haggai , The book of , events and portraits
ZECHARIAH  Read the book of
ZECHARIAH Albums to see
Zechariah1-14 Zechariah, The book of , events and portraits Zechariah (4 F)
MALACHI  Read the book of MALACHI Albums to see
Malachi 1-4 Malachi, The book of , events and portraits Malachi (6 F)