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 e/Accueil )
(Virtual museum dedicated to the Bible -Click here )
ART CULTURE AND RELIGION An t important site of links on this topic ( Italy ). Some dead links and advertisements .
One of the best gallery of art in general and in particular on russian painters . The author of this virtual museum is also very competent in christian liturgy and offers very nice paintings on this subject. Resolution and format are excellent.
A&A ART AND ARCHITECTURE(Large image collection )
provides access to 40,000 digitised images of paintings, drawings, prints and photographs of architecture and sculpture from the Courtauld Institute's collections
ARTCYCLOPEDIA (Large image collection )
7,500 + artists with links to images online
ARTONLINE (Large image collection )
large collection of historical and contemporary images
ARTSERVE (Large image collection )
From the Australian National University, Art & Architecture mainly from the Mediterranean Basin and Japan
CHRISTIAN FINE ART INTERNATIONAL Probably one of the best source of informatinon on Christian art in the world. A complete list of valid links on the subject. In theory: It is an open door to a philosophical or theological background articles, magazines, books and so on. . If you go to New York, Mobia visit, the Museum of Art Christian who supports this site is on Broadway. The beginning of a great achievement!.
Here we have an enormous project to numerise images of works of art more than 4500 numerisations in October 1997. Research by alphabetical order , by nationality and by century. The images are of exceptionally high quality. Here again the bible is present through the great symbols and liturgical highlights which puncutate christian faith..
COLLAGE (Large image collection )
an image database containing 20,000 works from the Guildhall Library and Guildhall Art Gallery London
DIGITAL ARCHIVE OF ART and Architecture (Large image collection )
Prof. Jeffrey Howe, Boston College
DIGITAL IMAGING PROJECT (Large image collection )
A wide selection of images online (Mary Ann Sullivan, Bluffton College)
The most famous in Italy , and rightly so.Some good selected digital images. But not enough.
IMMAGE COLLECTION AND ONLINE ART (Large image collection )
(University of Michigan's Mother of All Art History websites)
A French encyclopedia, Many links towards museums. An interest in linguistic , bible and art .
MARK HARDEN S Artchive (Large image collection )
one of the best image collections around - an intelligent, individualistic site
One of the largest museums of the world containing many of the ressources of the Orthodox Church ( Rubiev ...)But equally from the whole of Europe. Computer access slowly improving ( English and Russian) .
in English, Italian & Portuguese
A small choice of biblical paintings and drawings.
of more than 82,000 images, mostly from the Achenbach Graphic Arts Collection
One of the largest english art galleries where we can see again the symbolic school of the 19th century wich has produced some gems of biblical inspiration of the time of the revival with Hunt : " I knock at the door" just as famous as Millet's "The harvesters" .A very large choice of biblical paintings and drawings.
One of the site whose numerized images are of very high quality. Nicolas Pioch the author of this site , a top level engineer, is one of the first to understand the importance of virtual art in teaching, he must be a prophet ! Probably one of the best .

Site on art in general, realised by Janice B Paulsen of the University of Richmond, which inspired me to produce this one.I wish to express here my gratitude to her for her enthusiasm and the quality of her work which she has communicated to me.T de Chardin seems to be a driving force here.

Have a look to the background of this very interesting site ."WELCOME TO THE GLOBAL VILLAGE FRENCH QUARTER !"

"The Global Village French Quarter (Le Quartier français) format has been deliberately chosen and planned as an adventure in discovering and communicating with our neighbors in this rapidly developing village planétaire."

One of the most important american art gallery -Search engine -

Virtual museums dedicated to the bible



ARCABAS A modern and well known christian ( Roman catholic ) painter expressing his vision of the world and life .
ART AND BIBLE BY AL FOR An interpretation of the bible through some very nice photographs . By Alain Foehr from Geneva.
ART FOR JEWISH TEACHERS A selection of paintings to help teachers and to discover the First Testament
ARTS ET CULTURES Artists exhibitions French roman catholic christians would like to promote artistic creation . Descriptive painting in connection with religion or simply the will to stimulate the pleasure of painting and to express our personnal feelings (A Gence)...
ASIAN CHRISTIAN ART In 1978 the Asian Christian Art Association was founded to encourage the visual arts in Asian churches. At that first consultation of artists in Bali, the aims of the Association were clearly stated, as follows:
To encourage artists to express Christian concern through their art in an Asian context.
To coordinate the activities of individuals and groups in Asian region who are working on indigenous art forms.
To provide a means of communication and information.
To work with churches, with the Christian Conferences of Asia and with other bodies seeking to witness to Christian faith in Asia.
Illuminations from the 10 th to the 15 th century in France . Just put a topic in the search window.A very good job of coordination on the ancient fund of the archives of France put freely and free in the disposition of all, from what should draw inspiration all Museums...and without a glorious stamp as that of the British library:-) The format is better in the British library !
BIBLE FOR KIDS Colouring pages
BIBLE REVIVAL 19th century style black and white and colour
BIBLICAL ART ON THE WWW Rolf Erling Stærk <> Lutheran theologian in Norway is the author of the future "Bible and art" reference site on the web..His wife is a high level informatician . It is probably the best and most serious work on the subject on internet .I recommend it warmly for it is very stimulating .It is possible to find dead links but we are asked to mail the author
BRITISH LIBRARY Choose your topic in the window ...The glorious red stamp is sometimes  more transparent :-) 
CHAGALL : France Nice Musée National - Message Biblique The life of Marc Chagall, the museum of Nice , the message of the bible, the story of Abraham .
CHILDREN ILLUSTRATE THE BIBLE From the whole world . Mainly first testament and nativity
CHMAKOFF Macha More than 140 works very often influenced by the bible and faith .
FRENCH CONFERENCE OF BISHOPS The site of the French Conference of Bishops is probably the site with Protestantism & image
 now he who gives more details and photos of works
  artists in search of expression of faith. For an interesting study on "Beauty in Avignon"
Many exhibitions are announced.
DIE LEIVE BIBEL Ulrich Leive is actually one of the best painter of the Bible in Germany .A very personal synthesis between the surrealist and naïve style. He has merry colors, he is communicating and popular.His spontaneity is never vulgar, he is animated by the dignity of his painter's vocation in the service of the truth and of the beauty. I thank him for allowing to copy some works.
CHRISTIAN FINE ART INTERNATIONAL Probably one of the best source of informatinon on Christian art in the world. A complete list of valid links on the subject. In theory: It is an open door to a philosophical or theological background articles, magazines, books and so on. . If you go to New York, Mobia visit, the Museum of Art Christian who supports this site is on Broadway. The beginning of a great achievement!.
CHRISTIAN PAINTINGS A French site with various exhibitions on the bible
EMORY UNIVERSITY Mainly engravings from the reformation time (16th up to 18th ) -PDF format
FOR BIBLE CLASSES Ressources for computers in bible classes _Links
ILLUMINATIONS From Nederland A wide choice of "enluminures bibliques " from the 13-15th century
IMAGES BIBLIQUES A TELECHARGER a french site with many new opportunities to find biblical images in connection with a topic . Very useful for religious teaching in school .
ISRAEL BIBLE MUSEUM Jewish painters illustrate the first testament
LA VIE DE SAINT PIERRE St Peter s life by a French painter E Bahuet on fresques Saint-Pierre de Curbans
Both languages on the site; english and french .Clear and nice paintings
LE VISAGE DU CHRIST Christ's face in western art


par Serge CERUTI
agrégé d'histoire, professeur honoraire de l'académie de Créteil

An important french site very useful in giving a method to read the biblical images.If you read french, , look at the

short summary in french here then click on the site itself.

Now in english as well

LOYOLA MAIMONT UNIVERSITY:: Message from the bible by Gustave Doré Felix Just, S.J. (- Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA) with much rigour has brought together the main prints of the Alasacian painter of the 19th century, who is still today considered great.Very interesting links and articles.Essays on John the apostle and the book of Revelation.

Coordination of all the french museums.This site is a very good initiative on the part of the Ministry of Culture.

You can find there a very interesting bible list

Go to the search engine . Titre write "Bible " avec l'image" x"

ORTHODOX ICONS Modern creators of icons


The Kessler Collection is one of the most prominent collections of the Pitts Theology Library. It consists of over 2,800 volumes that relate to the Protestant Reformation in Germany down to 1570. Although its focus is on Lutheran materials, it also includes works by other Protestants and by Catholics, as they entered into conversation with Luther and his followers.

The database contains many images suitable for use as illustrations of biblical texts as well as portraits of persons engaged in the religious and political debates of the sixteenth century. Try searching for the call number 1523 Bibl and sample the biblical illustrations, or look at 1549 Luth E:1-2 to see a hand colored portrait of Luther.


A french site animated by pastor Jerome Cottin. A lot of very good links .

Probably one of the leader theologian in Europe in the realm of iconography . Well known for his works on the place and role of image in our civilisation and in the history of the christian churches. Just have a look to his recent works ( Books, talks, leading articles in newspapers ...)

RELIGIOSE BILDER UND KUNSTGESTALTUNG IM UNTERRICHT Mit diesen Projekt wollen wir Studenten, Lehrer und Pfarrer an den Einsatz digitaler Bildmedien im Religionsunterricht heranführen. You find there topical directories with images of art on burning questions in corellation with the faith inspired by the bible. A good way to chat with teen agers as well as students .
ROUBINOWITZ Annick The mighty force of creation in Kabballa and many other themes inspired by religious feelings


Epistle to the Galatians(French)

Hélène Serre lives between Lyon and Marseille in a small "ardéchois" village called Chomerac along the Rhone valley.Her ancestors gave her very soon the love of drawing and painting .Although she is autodidact she began with rigour to create within the frames of japanese masters . Then she tried a sort of free expression of herself in forms and colours to discover her own style . For her painting is not only "descriptiv " it is a joy and a will to lead us to praise life and God .In her 150 paintings inspired by the Apostle Paul writings (A unique experience in the history of art on a CD to prepare exhibitions ) There are two kinds of paintings . An "interlude painting", like a piece of organ during a religious service, then a bible reading illuminated with drawings where we feel the japanese influence.Added to this, she is an activ president of her local presbyterian church... (Click left on The Epistle of Paul to theGalatians )

SYMBOLIC PAINTING Gilles ALFERA is a contemporary French painter, nurtured on Christian spirituality and culture. With his work, i.e., paintings , etchings and artist books , he means to underline that traditionalsymbolism , as the language of any sacred or religious art, can still be the key note to creative intuition , while keeping away from pseudo-esoteric allegories inherent to the so-called "new age "
THE TEXT THIS WEEK (The best base of liturgical and iconographic resources on Internet for the anglophone Christians)
A true catholic site opened with the theological and liturgical divergences and convergences. The bible is read there in a Community way around the "text of the day". They are the texts of the roman catholic tradition but also lutheran, episcopal, methodist . An opening to research presbyterian and baptists . It is within this framework that one will find a very complete "Art concordance " with many links . Note: the access to the Museums is not always obvious! There are dead links or redirections etc... But it has as well resources as his happiness will be always found.
VATICAN Christus Rex A conception of sacred art proper to the roman catholic church animates this site..Not only is reference to the bible present but also roman normativ interpretation. There is a great hope for this church . The resources of the Vatican in the bible field are inexhaustible (Particularly as far as the manuscripts are concerned) and that is what makes the interest of this site and doubtless its forthcoming interest.
VONAESCH Corinne Gallery One of the best french modern painter. Actual life , bible and faith , true, coherent and fine.
WEBGALLERY ART SACRE This site is very well placed in Europe ( Luxembourg) to detect galleries and artists deserving our interest .A yearly contest stimulate the creativity of artists .

An endless source of inspiration for Bible teachers or even artists.A Lot of links

WELLS CLIPART 19th century style black and white and now colour
YALE UNIVERSITY Département of religious education

Site destined to education and training , the history of the bible from a visual and documentary point of view. Some historic paintings of the Catacombs and of Doura Europos.