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Images of art on Jesus and the main events that marked the Apostolic Church of the first century . According to the writings of the New Testament .

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English versions with "update" THE LIFE OF JESUS
According to  Benoit & Boismard Synopsis )
Britannica : The four gospels. BEGINNINGS  - INTRODUCTIONS ( Albums) Images of art below
1-John 1:1-18 The Word becomes a human being 
2-Luke 1:1-4 Luke was a student in history, Portrait of Luke   Wiki-Luke
Britannica : The four gospels. THE CHILDHOOD OF JESUS ( Albums) Images of art below
3-Luc 1 The birth of John the baptist , announced to Zecharia Wiki-Statues de Jean Baptiste
4-Luc 1:26-38 Annunciation : The birth of Jesus is  announced to Mary Wiki-Annunciation
5-Luc 1:39-45 Mary visits Elizabeth: Visitation and magnificat Wiki- Statues Visitation  Magnificat Visitation 
9-Luc 2:1-7 The birth of Jesus in a manger Wiki - Nativity
10-Luc 2:8-20 Angel's good news  to the shepherds and praise
11-Luc 2:22-38 Jesus is presented in the temple : Presentation Wiki-Simeon Candlemas 
12_Mat 1:1-17 ;Luc 3:23-34 Genealogy of Jesus - The tree of  Jesse
13-Mat 1:18-24 The dream of Joseph father of Jésus, Wiki: Mary and Joseph
14-Mat 2:1-12 The magis are learned kings coming from the East  Wiki -Three wisemen  (2) (3
14-Mat 2:11 Mary and her child Jesus  Wiki-Virgin Mary - Statues of Virgin Mary 
15-16-17- Mat 2:13-23 The flight to Egyptr  Wiki-Rest on the Flight into Egypt by Caravaggio   Flight into Egypt; (2)
16-Mat 2:13-23 The slaugter of innocent childs Wiki - Massacre of the Innocents
18-Luk 2:41-52 Jesus discussing with doctors in the temple
Britannica : The four gospels. BEGINNINGS IN JUDEA ( Albums)
19-22 M t3:1-12 Mr 1:1-8
Lc 3:1-18  Jn 1:19-34
John the Baptist and his preaching  in the wilderness Agnus dei
24-Mt 3:13-17 ;Mc1:9-11
Lc 3:21-22 ; Jn 1:29-34
The baptism of Jesus
27-Mt 4:1-11;Mc 1:12-13
Lc 4:1-13
Jesus temptation and his freedom ; (2)
Britannica : The four gospels. MINISTRY IN  GALILEE, JUDEA SAMARIA, TO  TYR AND SIDON  ( Albums) Images of art below
29-Jn 2:1-11 Mariage at Cana Wiki Mariage at Cana 
38-Mt 18;  Mc 1:16
Lc 5:1-11;Jn 21:6-11
The first disciples and the miraculous fishing
49-79-Mt 5-7 Sermon on the mount  Wiki Sermon on the Mount many details)
60-62- Mt 6:1-14; Lc 11:2-4 Prayer : teaching on "our father" 
78- Jn 3:1-21 Nicodemus comes to see Jesus by night  Wiki-Nicodemus
81-Jn 4:1-42 Jesus and the Samaritan woman  Wiki Jesus and Samaritan woman
84-Jn 4:43-54 ;Mt 8:5-13   Lc 7:1-10 The healing of an officer 's son 
88-Mt 8:23-27; Mc 4:36-41
Lc 8:23-25
Calming the tempest Wiki-Calming a storm
90-Mt 9:1-8;Lc 5:17-25 The forgiveness of sins ans the healing of a paralytic
91-Mt 9:9-13; Mrc 2:13-17
Lc 5:27-32
Matthew's calling and the meal with sinners
98-Mt 10:1-4;Mc 6:7 Mc 3:16-19;
Lc 6:14-16 Jn 13:16
Mission ,the sending of 12 disciples ( Apostles) Wiki-Apostles  Statues of Apostles
Mc 4;Luc 8
Parable of the sower, Jesus teaches Wiki Life and teachings of Jesus 
131-Jn 12:24;
Mc 4:26-29
Parable :The seed bears fruits
144-30-Mt 13:52-58 ;
Mc 6:1-4 Lc 4:16-30
Joseph is a carpenter: Jesus is rejected from the Synagogue in Nazareth
147-Mt 14:1-12 ;Mc 6:17-29
Lc 3:19-20
John the baptist is beheaded by Herod  Wiki Salome ; (2)
148- Jean 5:1-18   Marc 2:3-12 Healing in the pool of  Bethesda Wiki Bethesda
151-Matthieu 14:13-21;Marc 6:30-44
Luc 9:10-17;Jean 6:1-15
Jesus feeds  5000  Wiki Feeding the multitude
152 -Matthieu 14:22-36 Jesus, walking on the sea came to see them  Wiki -Walk on the water;
160- Matthieu 17:1;13;Marc 9:2-13
Luc 9:28-36
The Transfiguration
165- Matthieu 16:13-20;
Marc 8:27-30;Luc 9:18-21
The confession of Peter is the foundation of the church.
174;248- Matthieu 19:13-15 ; Marc 10:13-16  Luc 18:15-17 ;Matthew 18:1-5
Marc 9:33-37;Luc 9:46-48
Children are blessed and are an example
178 -Matthieu 18:12-14 ; Luc 15:1-7
Luc 15:8-10
Britannica : The four gospels. GOING TO JERUSALEM ACCORDING TO LUKE
( Albums)
Images of art below
191- Luc 10:29-37 Parable of the good Samaritan
192- Luc 10:38-41 Jesus visits Martha and Mary Wiki - Martha and MaryMartha 
230-232- Luc 15 Parables of the lost and found, The sheep, the coin, the prodigal son
259- Jean 8:1-11 The woman caught in adultery
260- Jean 8:12-30 Jesus is the light of the world 
263- Jean 10:1-21 Parable of the good shepherd
see also  Parable of the lost sheep
266- Jean 11:1-46 Lazarus' resurrection Wiki -Lazarus Resurrection of Lazarus 
268- Marc 10:46-52;Luc 18:35-43 Blind  men  healed by Jesus Wiki- Healing of blinds
269 -Luc 19:1-10 Zachaeus and Jesus Zacchaeus
272- Jean 12:1-11 ;Matthieu 26:6-13
Marc 14:3-9;Luc 7:36-38
 A woman or Mary anointing the feets of Jesus, (Magdalen ?)
273- Matthieu 21:1-9; Marc 11:1-10
Luc 19:28-40; Jean 12:12-19
 Entry of Jesus in Jerusalem on a donkey
275- Matthieu 21:10-17 The temple is a place for prayer not for trade Wiki - Temple incident
276- Matthieu 21:16-22 ; Marc 12:13-17 ; Luc 20:21-27 Have we to pay taxes to Cesar ?
305- Matthieu 25:1-13 Parable of the ten girls
307- Matthieu 25:31-46 The final judgment Wiki - Last Judgment
Britannica : The four gospels. PASSION AND RESURRECTION
( Albums)
Images of art below
Passion cycles  in works of arts Wiki - Passion of Christ
316 Jean 13:1-20 The washing of feet   Wiki:The washing of f
318- Matthieu 26:26-29 ; Marc 14:22-25
Luc 22:15-20; 1 Corinthiens 11:23-26
he Lord's Supper , and the Eucharist Wiki- Last Supper
329- Jean 15:1-17 Jesus is the real wine , we are branches
335-338-- Matthieu 26:30-56; Marc 14:26-52  Luc 22:19-53 ; Jean 18:1-11 Gethsemany, prayer and arrest of Jesus Wiki - Malchus; (2) ; (3)
339-349- Matthieu 26:57-27:26; Marc 14:53-15:15  Luc 22:54-23:25;Jean 18:12-19:16 Jugement -3 judges -and sentenced to death by Pilatus Wiki - Caiaphas  - Herod Antipas - Herod the Great  Pontius Pilate 
343 ; 350- Matthieu 26:67-68;Marc 14:65
Matthieu 27:27-31;Marc 15:16-20
Mockeries and Tortures
344- Matthieu 26:69-75 ;Jean 21:15-25 Denial of Peter, he repents and is missioned again
346- Matthieu 26:45-56 ; Matthieu 27:2-10 Judas betrays Jesus and dies Wiki - Judas Iscariot
351 - Luc 23:26-32 ; Matthieu 27:12
Marc 15:21; Jean 19:16-17
The way to calvary
352-356- Matthieu 27:33-56 ;Marc 15:22-41  Lc 23:33-49; Jn 19:17-37 The crucifixion Wiki - BarabbasCaiaphas  - Herod Antipas - Herod the Great  Pontius Pilate many detailed images)
357-358- Matthieu 27:45-66; Marc 15:42-47 Lc 23:50-56 ; Jn 19:38-42 The entombment of Jesus, freeing the sheol Wiki - Joseph of Arimathea  
Statues of Pietà -Harrowing of Hell
359-361- Matthieu 28:1-8;Jean 20:11-18
Marc 16:1-8 ; Luc 24:1-11
The women went to  the tomb Wiki -Noli me tangere  Mary Magdalene  Women at the grave - The three Marys at the Tomb (
364 -Luc 24:13-35 Emmaüs ' appearance to two disciples Wiki - Supper at Emmaus (1606) by Caravaggio  Supper at Emmaus by Caravaggio 
365-368- Jean 20:19-29 Appearance of Jesus to the disciples, Thomas doubting Wiki Doubting Saint Thomas 
380- Matthieu 28:16-20 His presence is promised  to the universal apostolic mission
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Britannica : The Acts of the Apostles .
* * *
( Albums)
Images of art below
Actes 1:6-11 ; Mc 16:19-20 ; Luc 24:50-53 Ascension: Jesus missions disciples and is taken up to heaven 
Actes 2 Pentecost and the preaching of Peter  Wiki - Pentecost
Actes 3 A lame man is healed by the apostles
Actes 5:1-11 The sharing of goods - Ananias and Saphira
Actes 6-7 Stephen the deacon is stoned after preaching in Jerusalem Wiki Saint Stephen
Actes 8:1-40 An Ethiopian and a magician are saved by Philip 
Actes 9 Saul 's conversion. 
Actes 12 Peter is freed from prison  by an angel
Actes 17:16-33 Paul preaches a new wisdom in Athens 
Actes 21-28 Paul is arrested and driven to Rome
THE EPISTLE OF PAUL TO THE ROMAINS (Albums) Images of art below
Romains 1-16 The theology of Paul inspires the artists Wiki - Epistle to the Romans
Britannica : Paul the Apostle ..
 THE EPISTLES OF  PAUL TO THE CORINTHIANS ( Albums) Images of art below
1 Corinthiens  1-16
2 Corinthiens 1-13
The epistles to the Corinthians old and modern pictural  interpretation Wiki - First Epistle to the Corinthians
Wiki - Second Epistle to the Corinthians
Britannica : Paul the Apostle . THE EPISTLE TO THE GALATIANSS( Albums) Images of art below
Galates 1-6 Galatians, old and modern pictural interpretations Wiki - Epistle to the Galatians
Britannica : Paul the Apostle . THE EPISTLE TO THE EPHESIANSS( Albums)
Ephésiens 1-6 Ephésians, old and modern artistical interpretations 
Britannica : Paul the Apostle . THE EPISTLE TO THE  PHILIPPIANSS Images of art below
Philipiens 1-4 Wiki - Epistle to the Philippians
Britannica : Paul the Apostle . THE EPISTLE TO THE COLOSSIANS S( Albums)
Colossiens 1-4 Colossians old and modern pictural interpretations
Britannica : Paul the Apostle . THE LETTERS TO TIMOTHY AN TITUS ( Albums)
1 2 Timothée et Tite 1 2 Timothy and  Titus misc interpretations
Britannica : Paul the Apostle . THE LETTER TO  PHILEMONS( Albums)
Philémon Philemon,misc artistical interpretations
Britannica : Letter to the Hebrews
THE EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS S Images of art below
Hébreux 1-13 Wiki - Epistle to the Hebrews
Britannica : Letters of Peter.
THE FIRST EPISTLE OF  PETER Images of art below
1 Pierre 1-5 Wiki - First Epistle of Peter
Britannica : Letters of John.
THE EPISTLES OF JOHN  Images of art below
1 Jean  1-5 Wiki - First Epistle of John
Britannica : The book of Revelation.
Revelation 1-22 Revelation: Annie Vallotton's drawings  Wiki : Revelation
Revelation 1-22 Revelation: Misc events and portraits ( To be sorted )
Revelation 1 John in Patmos
Revelation 22 Alpha and Oméga, Christ coming with the book of life
( Albums)
Images of art below
The parables  ( Writings and images - Fr) wiki: parables of Jesus
The miracles Bible art tries to classify art images on the miracles
Matthew, Mark Luke and John and their symbol in the history of art  Wiki - Saint Mark -Gospel of Mark Gospel of John  Gospel of Matthew.     Rainer : Die Evangelien
  Portraits of John 
Portraits of Jesus Christ in different civilisations Wiki - Jesus Christ Jesus in Islam -Statues of Jesus -Jesus in art
Britannica : Paul the Apostle . Paul the apostle, events and portraits  Wiki - Saint Paul
Peter and Paul in art l
Seldom illustrated verses